• Agency for foreign manufacturers
    Orders Management,
    Optimization of transport,

International Trade, specifically International Sourcing, Imports and Exports, have been the core of our activities for more than 30 years...

Since we have principally focused our business on the french oversea departments and territories area (called "DOM-TOM") for about 20 years.

Our Business

Agency for foreign manufacturers

We sell products of reputable european manufacturers with which we establhished exlusive partnerships in order to develop DOM-TOM Markets.


When supplying standards are becoming more and more specific, demanding at the same time an adapted Sourcing, effective Logistics solutions and appropriate funding conditions ...
We provide our clients form plants we selected for their competitiveness.

Our Distribution Channels

The Retailers

Majors distributors (Supermarkets specialized in Food, DIY stores and other specialized outlets).

The professional sector

Collectivities, private undertakings and industrial firms.

Our Expertise


Research for performing supplier and new products.

Orders Management

Improve profitability and provide increased orders tracking.

Optimization of transport

Using personalized Containers sent from the plants.


Our solutions to improve purchasing conditions.

"Our expertise is our strength. As a result our clients use to make large productivity gains."